SUMMARY: Problem with Save Workspace

From: Brett Helbig (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1993 - 08:37:15 CST

The following is a summary to the problem I posted concerning the wrong cmdtool, clock,
etc. that came up when I logged into an account after performing a Save Workspace
command. The problem turns out to be that my path was set so that /bin was searched
before /usr/openwin/bin when I logged in. Since the Sunview cmdtool, clock, etc. were
located in /bin, they were being initiated instead of the corresponding Openwindows
programs that were located in /usr/openwin/bin. By changing my path to put
/usr/openwin/bin before /bin, the problem was solved.

Thanks to the following people for their help in solving the problem:
        Scott Barvian (
        Adrian Booth (
        Dennis W. Brown (
        Ken-Chia Chao (
        Scott Gargash (
        Norman J. Pieniazek (
(I appologize if I forgot anybody.)

Brett Helbig
Martin Marietta Government Electronic Systems

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