SUMMARY: Long SpeakerBox cable?

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Sat Oct 30 1993 - 03:47:23 CDT


> I would like to install a Sparc10 SpeakerBox, but...
> ...we keep our CPUs in the machine room, with 50-foot
> or 100-foot keyboard/monitor cables running to users'
> desks. Is there such a thing as a 100' SpeakerBox cable?


The answer is apparently 'no'. The SpeakerBox cables
carry digital data -- not analog -- and they are only
spec'd out to a few feet.

The best alternative solution is James Ashton's:

> Have you considered simply running some shielded audio
> cables to the microphone and speaker sockets on the speaker box. All
> of the speakerbox buttons can be controlled by software. Two 100 foot
> shielded stereo leads with standard 3.5mm plugs on the end should be an
> order of magnitude cheaper and probably easier to obtain as well.

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