SUMMARY: Disk partition with space thinks its full?

From: Patrick McAndrew (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1993 - 06:38:23 CDT

Thanks to Jim Prescott <> and Steve Senator
<Steve.Senator@Central.Sun.COM> my problem is diagnosed as a lack of
free blocks caused by fragmentation. The fix should be to newfs
the partition and restore which I will do when the system is quieter.
Jim gave a test to prove this is a problem, when getting the file
system full problems do:

> The 3M is just fragments, the filesystem has run out of full blocks. You
> can check this by running "sync; dumpfs /dev/rsd1d | more" and looking at
> the "nbfree" and "nffree" fields. If I'm right nbfree is 0.
As to what caused this in the first place I am not too sure - it was
originally newfsed with minfree set to 5% and space optimisation. The
partition is used for Macintosh files served by CAP - it might be all the
little finderinfo files that CAP creates to keep track of things have
produced the problem over time.


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