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From: Daniel Chen (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1993 - 05:44:49 CDT

Original posting:
             Sun already announced dropping Openwindow and support
     Motif, I'd like to know where can I get Motif ? There are many
     vendors selling a supported version of Motif. which one you
     guys recommend ? IXI ? Quest Window ?

        I got 13 responses,

                5 votes for IXI
                1 vote for SI
                1 vote for DEC
                1 vote for OSF
                1 vote for Metrolink
                1 vote for SIAC
                3 ask for summary


        I use IXI Motif Users Version and it works good.

        The fastest, best tested and approved by several US
        Gov big boys (NASA, FAA) is from:

        Metrolink, in Florida.
          (305) 970-7353
          Try this guy:

        As to a recommendation for a Motif library, I would recommend IXI.

        if you are running solaris 2.x, i would suggest going with the
        version from sunsoft itself.

        otherwise, i would suggest going with ixi since they supplied the
        version that sunsoft ships for 2.x and they have it available for

        I remember seeing in Sun World/Sun Expert that Sun was shipping the IXI
        version of Motif until they could a) generate their own version or b) complete
        a deal with a 3rd party (like IXI).

        Sun Express sells SIAC VUE for $350. 1-800-use-sunx

        I purchased DEC's version.

        We use Motif 1.2 from:

        SI Systems Ltd.
        Suite 1400, 505 3rd St. S.W.
        Calgary, Alberta
        T2P 3E6
        TEL: (403)264-4343
        FAX: (403)264-0929

Cheap (US$ 300) and on CD.

Use in conjunction with X11R5 (included on CD).

Apply patch 100444-43 for XNeWS-Server in every case!

        We have the IXI version here (1.2.1 I think). The support has been good,
with e-mailed responses to my faxes arriving pretty quickly and a follow
up call to check with me. They loose marks for having accidenly word-wrapped
their install scripts (Opps, it only affected the custom install) They claim
to have fixed a number of bugs and added some enhancements. Some are quite
useful. The IXI product was much less painful than buying the source, which
we did when I was at college.

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