SUMMARY: normal user email fails ("Deferred")

Date: Tue Oct 19 1993 - 11:56:21 CDT


I wrote:
>I checked the permissions on /usr/lib/sendmail and /bin/uux and those
>look fine. The most prominent error message we've been seeing is that
>"uux" has failed and mail can't be delivered for 3 days.

>Looking at /var/log/syslog notes that all the mail that hasn't been going
>out has a status of "Deferred" (presumably till the "uux" problem is fixed).

The answer turned out to be that somebody (I haven't had a chance to find
out yet who, though I think I know) altered the /etc/passwd file and left
some blank lines in the file. This triggered what I've been told is a
rather old bug in "uux"; that if blank lines, or lines beginning with the
"#" sign, are in the /etc/passwd file mail and uucp fail for normal users.

A major tipoff came from perusing the /usr/spool/uucp/.Log/uux/<SYSTEM> file,
and seeing LOTS AND LOTS of ``XCAUGHT (XSIGNAL 11)'' messages. I also ran
/usr/lib/sendmail -v -q -oQ/var/spool/mqueue and watched the error messages
scroll by. I saw quite a few "Error 75" messages from uux.

The SunSolve online database had an _exact_ match for the "75" error message
from uux, which described the problem completely.


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