SUMMARY: [4.1.2+OW3.0] cmsd goes stiff

From: Jochen Bern (bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE)
Date: Tue Oct 19 1993 - 04:44:09 CDT

I had asked about why the cmsd on my Server (SS2) only would stop answering
Requests, sometimes causing Console Messages like

        Oct 12 10:14:13 kleopatra inetd[1997]: 100068/rpc/udp server
        failing (looping), service terminated

Well, there were only two Replies ... and I haven't observed this Phenomenon
since, so I currently haven't tried them yet: (Tim Evans) sent me a Calendar Manager FAQ List.
It said that *whenever you change /etc/inetd.conf*, you have to rerun
install_cmgr ! When I looked at this Script, I found that it
- kills the cmsd,
- removes the cmsd Entry from /etc/inetd.conf,
- creates a new Entry (assuming it's updating the cmsd),
- kill -HUPs the inetd.
Since Steps 2 and 3 are useless (same Version), I'll stick with my Method:
Kill -HUP cmsd and inetd by Hand. (Glenn Satchell) recommended Patch 100178-08, which
replaces inetd so that it uses an increased File Descriptor Limit.
I doubt that this is the Problem, because the Limit of the old Version
is said to be 40 Connects per Minute which seems pretty much for us
(I never saw more than a Dozen active Connections at a Time), but if the
Problem persists, I'll give it a Try.

Thanx again,
                                                                        J. Bern

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