SUMMARY: sendmail on Solaris 2.1

From: Dotty Pon (
Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 - 03:57:23 CDT


Finally, a solution to all my problems (well, almost)!!!

I've included a copy of my original post along with the solution.

Thanks to:
        Dave Curado
        Brett Lymn
        Ian MacPhedran Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.CA
        Birger Wathne

for pointing me in the right direction.

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Original post------------------------------------------------------

Sun managers...

Does anyone know what this message means:

Sep 30 15:57:24 aukland sendmail[1005]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR: net hang
reading from elvis: Connection timed out

aukland is an IPX running SunOS 5.1 (Solaris 2.1?) and elvis
is a Sparc2 running SunOS 4.1.1.

I am executing this hunk of code on aukland:


(void) strcpy( tmp_str, "/usr/ucb/mail -s Dotty_Scinet_Notice dotty < " );
(void) strcat( tmp_str, email_file );

error = ( system( tmp_str ) != 0 ) ? EMAIL_ERROR: EXIT_NORMAL;


Another strange thing that happens when I email...
My .mailrc file specifies that a copy of all my outgoing mail
is to be stored in a file called "RECORD". A copy of the outgoing
mail is logged in RECORD but I never receive anything in my
in-tray. I can view this message and the To: and From: fields
are correct.

So it seems that the mailer gets the message but it doesn't seem
to be *mailing* it.

If anyone has any suggestions, please email me at the address
listed below. I will post a summary.


Solution --------------------------------------------------------------

Looks like sendmail will hang if the message in the file does not
end with a newline. I added a few and presto - it works!

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