SUMMARY: Client won't NFS mount /usr during boot

From: Robert J. Cronin (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1993 - 08:28:54 CDT


Sorry to have bothered you with what turned out to be an unrelated
problem. I reported that one of my clients could not get /usr from the
server after its netmask was changed and then changed back.

After doing some etherfind snooping using:

        etherfind -t -r -i le0 between client server

it became apparent that the client was successfully mounting /usr, but
that /usr was empty.

This was then traced back to recent activities which accidentally
removed the link from /export/exec/sun4.sunos.4.1.1 to /usr on the
server, and replaced it with an empty directory of the same name. This
had no immediately apparent consequences, as all clients had already
mounted it successfully. It was only when the reboot of the client
with the changed netmask occurred that the problem manifested itself.

Once again, my apologies for the false request, and thanks to anyone
who may have already responded.

Humbly yours,

Bob Cronin

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