SUMMARY Large Disks on a 3/60

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Date: Wed Oct 13 1993 - 22:19:26 CDT

Yo Folks --

Thanks for the quick response. My original question was:

>NetWits --
>I want to put a big disk (greater than 669 MB) on a Sun 3/60 (running 4.1.1).
>I am aware of a patch needed on the sun4 version of 4.1.1 Rev B, but the cd
>containing that patch didn't have a sun3 version. I couldn't find an answer in
>Sunsolve or old SUMMARIES -
> -- SO --
>Question -- Can I put a disk greater than 669 MB (1.0 GB disk for instance)
> on a 3/60 without the need for a patch? If I need a patch,
> what is it?
>Thanks in advance.
>Charlie Mengel


"YES" with the following conditions:

1- You can format drives with a FORMATTED capacity of up to 1GB. Unformatted
   drive capacities of 1.2 GB, like the Maxtor PO-12, Wren VII or similar
   drives format down to 1.0 GB.

2- Format the "greater than 1.0 formatted" disks on a 4.1.2 or higher system,
   then plug it into the Sun3/Sun4 running 4.1.1. (Thanks, Glenn,TSUJI)

3- There is not a patch for the Sun3 for big disks like for the Sun4 version
   of 4.1.1. The sun4 patch has to do with how many bits are used to store the
   address of the blocks on the disk. When you run out of bits it would
   start over and overwrite other blocks. A similar problem shows
   up when you hit the magic number on partition size also. (thanks, Bob Smart)

Thanks to all who replied:

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Stefan Mochnacki
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Rob Lyle

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