SUMMARY 1: problems with >talk< and >write<

From: Howard Schultens (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1993 - 15:55:02 CDT


original request:

| within the local part of our network, the programs >talk< and >write< work
| with no problem. If I try to use talk to a machine outside our sub-net,
| >talk< returns "your party is refusing messages", >write< asserts that the
| other party is not logged in, even though I am logged in on both ends
| of the connection (with different names).
| The only combination I tried this on was my machine (SparcStation 1 running
| 4.1.1) and a DecStation running Ultrix. On both machines, mesg gave "y" as
| its value, and >finger< returned -correctly- that I was logged onto each
| machine for the appropriate length of time. Though I don't have accounts
| on other machines to be able to try this myself, friends on other parts of th
| e
| Internet complain that they can't >write< or >talk< to us.

I received about 12 replies, all indicating that SUN's talkd uses a different
socket address than other vendors'. The suggestions were to use ntalkd, ytalkd,
and one suggestion on how to install both SUN's talkd and another one on the
same computer. An ARCHIE search will give sources for the various other talk

Excuse me for being vague about this; I stupidly deleted the first 9 or 10
replies I got, including the detailed one about how to install 2 talk daemons.
If those original respondents will send me that information again, I will
post a sequel to this summary. Sorry.

Thanks to the last 3 that replied:

Andy Mitchell <>
kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah) (Fernando Dias)

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