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From: Terry White (tkw@babss.basg.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 12 1993 - 07:13:45 CDT

Help! Anyone know of a command or tool to find out
what files has caused the root partion to fill on my
disk. I'm running solaris 2.2 my system has a 16MB
root slice. Everything was fine now it's full. Before
this happened my usage was only 42% of capacity. I tried
looking in dev and etc but no luck. Thanks in advance for
any help.

I found out what was causing the problem, why this happened
I don't know. I was installing the mandatory patches for solaris
on one of my systems. I rlogged into the system that I was installing
the patches on. I started the installpatch program on the remote system,
after three patches my system was getting file system full errors on root.
I was able to duplicate the problem again. Why this happened I don't know.

Thanks to all that responded.

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