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From: Kerry Kinnersley (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1993 - 16:10:08 CDT

Recently I asked the question:
 ->I have a bunch of Sparcs running 4.1.x and wish to have printcap
 ->in yellow pages (NIS). I read in manual pages PRINTCAP (5) that I "lpr"
 ->searches local /etc/printcap then searches NIS map "printcap". The
 ->trouble is "trace lpr -Pxyz filename" tells me that it is not looking
 ->into the NIS map printcap.
 ->Can "printcap" be put into NIS?
 ->If so, can someone send me their entry in the NIS Makefile?
 ->I am in a big rush for this one - thanks a lot!!

Just because there were some "please send info" I am providing this summary
BUT I would like to note:
 1. As pointed out to me by, I should have looked
    at the archive of the sun-managers mailing list FIRST because a
    summary has already been posted regarding this subject. Instructions
    for accessing this archive is described in the last FAQ from sun-managers.
The summary is:
 1. This WAS available on the old 386i's using its lpd driver.
 2. There is a product from Sun Consulting called NISLPD but it is
    reported to cost about $2800 (not confirmed) which will run on SPARC's
 3. One should be able to get a hold of the source to lpr, lpc, lpq from
    Berkeley and possibly modify it - could not find anyone who has done this!
 4. Have a NFS server "serve" a master printcap file using links and NFS
 5. Use 'rdist' to distribute an updated /etc/printcap to all hosts.
 6. Migrate to Solaris 2.x, NIS+ seems to have this feature !!
 7. Put /etc/printcap in a NIS-map and let the client re-create /etc/printcap
    when it reboots
 8. Try the plp stuff, available via anon ftp from, look
    for something like pub/plp

Thanks to all those who responded!

Kerry Kinnersley
Institute of Ocean Sciences
Sidney BC V8L 4B2

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