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Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 12:13:52 CDT


        Thanks to all who replied to my mail.

Original question :

> Who can tell me where I can find BBS software for Sun Sparc's ?
We use "local" newsgroups within USENET news as a BBS here.

We are using a system called Waffle. It is commercial (for UNIX, shareware
for DOS) but low cost. You can get it by e-mailing to
for details.

We are using TEAMate from MMB. Their number is 310-318-1322.
They have a 1-800, but I can`t find it. Teamate is fairly easy to use
and highly configurable.

It depends upon what you want, but after supporting many different BBS
packages on PC's, I can only say the answer depends upon what you want to

I reasonable approach would be to create local news groups and use News
reading software. File transfers can be handled with a shell script and
rzsz from Omen Technology (X/Y/ZMODEM file transfer protocols).

XBBS is an RBBS-like package for UNIX which is public domain.
SBBS is a Shell based BBS package which you will have to 'tweek'
mbbs is from Univ of Mich? It uses modified Elm and Pico as part of the

These are available via anon ftp from various sites. I have been out of
the country for a project and am not really 'current' with what is

TeaMMate is a commercial package which support SPARC.

I am sure there are others, but these are what I am familar with.

Our local computer user group (PACS) uses Magpie from Steve Manes in NYC,
but this is shareware distributed as SCO binary files. Its strength is
its ability to handle threaded messages with powerful search facilities, a
reasonable editor and documentation.

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