SUMMARY: adding memory to IPX

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Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 09:11:26 CDT

The problem turned out to be a bad SIMM module. Most of the replies said

1) look at man pages for eeprom.
2) use setenv command at the eprom command and set the test-memory option
3) make sure the simm is seated properly.

Thanks to all those qhoe replied. Sorry if I missed anyone !!!

Ilkka Virtanen
Eric Parr
Michael Harris
J. Bern
Steve Elliott
Dave Brown
M Solda
Kevin Mah

------------------ QUESTION ---------------------
> I was trying to add a 16 MB SIMM module on my IPX to get a total of 48 MB
> of memory. I already have two 16 MB modules in the machine. Per Sun IPX
> manual (p 129), I should just have to plug the new SIMM in U0309 slot (the
> other 2 SIMMs are in slot U0308 and U0310). However, the problem is that the
> IPX never recognizes the 3rd SIMM. It only recognizes 2 SIMMs. Also, at boot
> time, I get the following message on the Console:
> Testing 1 MB of RAM. Still to go 1 MB
> and the values "1 MB" never changes
> Will someone please help ???

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