Re: Changing IP addresses (SUMMARY)

From: Robert Perlberg (perl@dwrsun4.UUCP)
Date: Sat Oct 02 1993 - 22:57:49 CDT

Thanks to the responses I received from the net I solved the problem.

I brought the system down, changed the /etc/hosts file, deleted the
directory containing the NIS maps, and rebuilt the maps with ypinit. I
also deleted the files from /var/yp/binding. I don't know whether I
needed to do both or which of the two would have been enough, but I
didn't have the luxury of enough downtime for experimentation.

My theory is that doing the NIS make in single-user mode didn't
properly update the maps. I tried doing the NIS make in multi-user
mode but that caused the system to hang since it could not access its
own NIS.

I've never completely understood NIS. It seems so simple, or at least
it should be, and yet any time I try to do anything with it I wind up
having to rebuild from scratch. I haven't worked with NIS+ (I haven't
upgraded to Solaris 2.x yet) so I don't know if it is better in this

Robert Perlberg
Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., New York
dwrsun4! -or- philabs!dwrsun4!perl

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