SUMMARY: DBXTOOL move pointer instead of click select, is this possible ?

From: Marcel Bernards (bernards@ECN.NL)
Date: Thu Sep 30 1993 - 08:41:05 CDT

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Thank you all SunManagers for the replies.

Well, this is what I more or less expected, pity for that user.
The general consenus is that it can't be done, unless running the
Solaris 2.2 OW dbxtool from SPARCWorks.
From: (Mike Steadman)

I read somewhere that this can't be changed. The focus-follows-mouse mode
only applies to windows, not to textpanes within windows.

Sorry. Hope you hear different from others,

Mike Steadman
Artel Communications Corp.

From: (Steve_Kilbane)

In article <>, you write: > Is there a possibility to change the click select option in the > command window in dbxtool to move pointer?

i don't think so. the dbxtool that comes with sparcworks on solaris 2.x recognises move-to-focus automatically, so i guess it's just something they changed for solaris.

steve ----

There was some misunderstanding about follow mouse in window mode which was already enabled. The follow mouse mode did not work while moving in dbxtool's text panes in SunOS 4.1.X and OW 2 or OW3.0. You have to click to select the command or the editor pane in order to type characters in them.

Thanx to you all, and to those to arrive later:

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