SUMMARY: HELP: Monitor Differences?!

From: Anthony Yen (
Date: Wed Sep 22 1993 - 21:51:07 CDT

Thanks to all who responded:

        Fereydoun Tavangary <>
        Robert Bonomi <> (Stephen Searle X3464 P7877)

This is a known problem. Old two-slot GX cards and the new Sony 19"
monitors don't get along together. The solution (excerpted from the
message bonomi@delta.eecs.nwu.edusent):

        disconnect the 13W3 cable from the GX card; power off; wait 15
        sec (aprox.); puwer on; wait till the 'idiot light' on the
        front of the chassis starts blinking; plug the 13W3 back in

Stephen surmised that the old GX cards are hunting for a 66Hz monitor,
but he wasn't sure.

I ended up swapping in a single-slot GX card that was my hot spare.
Many thanks again go out to the group.

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The original message:

>Question: Is there a difference between a Sun GDM-1962B and GDM-1962
> (i.e., no "B" postfix) monitor?
>I have a SPARCstation 2's with the old 2-slot GX [1] card running
>SunOS 4.1.3 with 16Mb RAM and 207Mb HD. When I hook it up to a Sun
>GDM-1962B monitor, the box boots up with vertical bars across the
>screen [2]. When I hook it up to a GDM-1962 monitor, this phenomena
>Now for the _really_ strange part, which drove me half-crazy during
>the troubleshooting phase. If I get the vertical bars and then move
>the box to the non-vertical bar monitor, sometimes (but not always)
>the vertical bars persist until I:
> - Open the box and reseat the graphics card.
> - Power cycle several times.
> - Pray.
> - Any combination of the above.
> - None of the above (i.e., come back the next day and it's
> automagically fixed itself).
>This is my guess, but I need something more definitive before I spend
>money to fix this: the old two-slot GX card won't work with the new
>19" monitors, and some bizzare interaction between the two leads to
>the persistence phenomena. The only solution that I see is to get a
>newer one-slot GX card and toss the old two-slot one (what an awful
>waste of money!). I'm handy with a soldering iron and schematics, so
>if someone knows of a hardware fix for this I'd be capable and
>grateful (it's worth a shot if the only other option is to toss it).
>I'll summarize back to the group.

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