From: Qi Mao (
Date: Sun Sep 19 1993 - 15:23:18 CDT

Hi Sun Managers, thank you all.

I posted last Friday a question about ls on a new filesystem (see
orginal attached at the end of this message).

It turns out the permissions of the directory before I mount on
top of it is not okay.

first umount the filesystem and check the mount point permissions.
The permission for mount point is:

drwxr----- 8 root 512 Sep 16 01:38 /newfs

I changed the permission of the mount point to 755, mount the filesystem
again and everything is fine now. :-)

Special thanks to :

 David Barr
 Piete Brooks
 Christopher Davis
 Chris Drake
 Guy Harris
 Brett Lymn
 Mark Plotnick
 Kevin Sheehan
 Brian T. Shelden

Chi Mao
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218

=========================== Original Message =================================

> I added a new disk to my machine and created a new file system.
> but when I change directory to the new file system and do a ls
> as a general user, I got the following messages:
>% cd /newfs
>% ls -a
>ls: ..: Permission denied
>./ lost+found/ tmp/
>% pwd
>pwd: getwd: can't open ..
>% cd /
>% ls -ld newfs
>drwxr-xr-x 8 root 512 Sep 16 01:38 newfs/
>It works fine for root. My machine is a Sun Sparc Station IPX running SunOS 4.1.2.
>Can anyone help me ...

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