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Thank You all who responded.

Boy, this a popular issue!
I had about 30 requests for a summary of what I received.

The summary is broken up into two parts.

The question was:
> We are looking to set up a firewall on a Sun Network
> which may have a connection to the Internet in the near
> future. I am in search of some white papers or written material
> which will help me decide the best way to accomplish this task.
> John

Ron Russell
Network Manager
College of Agriculture/Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
Auburn University

 tcp-wrapper program
It allows you to wrapper any tcp request and
thus decide if a routing-match-table allows for the access either based on
hostname or IP number. The UDP side of this is a bit dodgy-ier but such
things do exist.

Phil Male, Technical Director, Information Systems
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Tim Evans 2201 Brookhaven Ct, Fallston, MD 21047

ftp to and pick up the documents describing the
Raptor Systems Eagle.
Brent Chapman Great Circle Associates
Brent@GreatCircle.COM 1057 West Dana Street
+1 415 962 0841 Mountain View, CA 94041

FTP.GreatCircle.COM, directory pub/firewalls/papers, dist/internet_security
jvncnet!!Birger.Wathne (Birger A. Wathne)
Randy Taylor sent something along the same lines.

Look at the AnswerBook docs on ASET

Another possibility (that we use) is to use a Cisco router
as the 'firewall' with filtering per port and per protocol.
With our setup, only certain hosts on the internet can telnet in.
But anyone on the inside can freely telnet/ftp out.


Ian Camm
Systems Administrator Tel:+44 61 230 6262
Computer Services Group Fax:+44 61 230 6276
Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited
Manchester, England

Try the following book.

| Stock Title | Author | ISBN |
| | | |
|Practical UNIX | Garfinkel| 0 937175 72 2|
|Security | | |


Frank Henderson <jvncnet!!hendefd> sent something

Todd Gamble <jvncnet!!todd_gamble>

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