SUMMARY: problems with NIS slave server

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Tue Sep 14 1993 - 20:47:00 CDT

The solution (provided by (Steve Swaney), and by
mills@CC.UManitoba.CA (Gary Mills)) was to add an entry in the file
/var/yp/securenets on the master server, and to kill and restart ypbind and

There is absolutely no documentation on the securenets file in the 4.1.2,
4.1.2 or 5.2 man pages, nor in the system administrators guide.

I will post a bug report to sun asking for a securenets(5) man page,
and to add it to the files section of ypbind/ypserv/ypinit.

I will also ask them to mention it in the system administrators guide
in the section about adding slave servers on different subnets.

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