From: Terry White (tkw@babss.basg.COM)
Date: Tue Sep 14 1993 - 02:03:32 CDT

Hello all recently I sent out a request for help on
logging in as root on a remote system using the .rhosts
file. Well I found the problem, the user had in the password
file root set for /home/root as the default directory. So
with the .rhosts file in the / directory I guess it was never
getting read. I added an entry in /home/root/.rhosts and it
works. Thanks to all who responded.

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|Hello all, I have a system running 4.1.3 and I put an
|entry for my system which is blazer in .rhosts file on
|the 4.1.3 system, then rlogin from blazer to the 4.1.3
|system, the system still ask's for a password. I'm lost.
|All the documentation states that this entry should allow
|root login on the 4.1.3 system without supplying a password.
|The system blazer is running solaris 2.2, this should not
|make a difference, I hope anyway.

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