SUMMARY Equal Mac emulation

From: Olivier MARCE (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1993 - 17:32:33 CDT

Thanks for all responses :

Douglas L. Acker <> said

        "I evaluate it .. its still buggy ..."

He proposes to use WABI, but, in my kmnowledge, WABI is a Window emulation,
and I'm looking for a Mac emulation.

And for conclusion, :

        WABI works ... Quorum doesnt (or barely) (John Marsh) said :

        Note that it is NOT a general emulatio program. Quorum supports
        SPECIFIC MAC products.
        A month ago, they only supported MAC Word and Excel.

        I liked it. Equal gave the most UNIX like interface to non-UNIX
        software of the software I have seen. Note, however, that the
        "Motifization" of the software is incomplete. You will see some
        MACisms come through. Installation was simple. Also, not sure of
        the performance on any other applications. (The performance will
        vary depending on the extent of screen processing vs back end processing
        - the screen part could be made UNIX-SPARC native - the back end is 68xxx

On another hand, hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz) said :

        we had tried Xcelerated Systems, Inc. product called Liken which
        was limited to b/w and only MacOS 6.0.7.

and :

        There was an excellent review of Equal, however, in either Sunworld or
        Sunexpert, earlier this year.

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