SUMMARY: X11R5 problem

From: Daniel Baldoni (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1993 - 12:06:40 CDT

G'day folks.

Recently I posted the description of a problem we noticed here shortly
after trying to upgrade a couple of machines (sorry, I've lost my original
posting, so I can't reproduce it).

Here is a synopsis of what I said:

> We've had a couple of IPC's upgraded to IPX's. During the change-over
> something went drastically wrong and the two tech support people here at
> the time tracked the problem to the wrong machine. Things were changed
> but no recollection of what was done could be found.
> Anyhow, since then, any attempt to start X11R5 would generate an error
> like:
> No screens found
> The annoying thing is that it was only happening on one of two identically
> configured machines.

Okay, the problem has been found and solved. As it turns out, an older
kernel had been put in place - one without the cgsix driver enabled.

I received only solutions from only two people (and I can't even thank
you properly as my mail has been lost). Unfortunately, both suggested
that we check the /dev/cg* files (which were correct) and the make-up
of the respective X11 startup scripts (which were identical).

Anyhow, thanks everybody.

                Daniel Baldoni

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