SUMMARY: Mounting /pcfs on Solaris 2.2

From: Andrew Lister (lister%athens@Relay.CV.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 09 1993 - 08:15:20 CDT


> Hi all,
> I can't for the life of me seem to mount a floppy diskette under
> Solaris 2.2. Just keeps coming back with
> mount: /dev/diskette is already mounted, /pcfs is busy,
> or allowable number of mount points exceeded
> There must be a trick to it.
> Thanks in advance - summary to follow
> Andrew Lister

General consensus:

Run "volcheck" with no arguments
Access the floppy disk in /floppy/floppy0 via usual commands

Kill the /usr/sbin/vold process and issue a mount /pcfs

Thanks to

Terry Jeffery
Andy Feldt
Greg Jones
Henry Katz
Larry Blom
Linn Stanton
Rob Lyle
Andrew Scarman
Peter Sardella

and everyone else......

Andrew Lister
Computervision Services
Sydney, Australia.

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