From: Bernie Gallant (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1993 - 12:45:29 CDT

I posted the question below several weeks ago. I think all respondees agreed
that is best that admins doing the work mentioned below should report to
engineering since engineering understand the issues. Of course I didn't get
any responses from MIS directors either. However, even though I got less
then 10 responses it was very much a mixed bag. Some companies had admins
reporting to MIS and others to Eng. Some admins reported to neither.
So I guess it's up to us admins who don't report to engineering to educate
MIS as to where our priorities should lie. Without successful engineering
department developing product there is no need for a MIS, Sales, Manfacturing
etc. If anyone wants to see all the responses just send me mail and I will
forward them.

Thanks to all who responded.

> I do the system and network administration for our company. I administer all
> the engineering Suns, Macs and PCs and any problems the non-engineering people> may have on their Macs. I administer News, Mail, the AppleTalk and Ethernet
> network and the connection to the Internet. We have about 150 people in our
> company. I would say about 90% of my work is for the engineering folks.
> Up until today I worked for I reported to engineering. As of today I am
> reporting to a newly hired MIS director.

>MY Question: Do most system administrators who do what I do typically work
>for MIS or Engineering departments?

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