SUMMARY : NFS changed in Solaris 2.*?

From: Jacques Beigbeder (
Date: Mon Sep 06 1993 - 16:56:00 CDT

The question was:
> We have a Solaris 2.2 host on a network. On the same network there
> is a Vax running Ultrix 4.3. When the Sun mounts an NFS partition
> from the Vax, it seems to work. But the command "ls" makes the Vax
> crash.

Thanks to
for their quick answers and the fix.

As Guy Harris noted, a server shouldn't crash, even if it receives
stupid requests, or requests it doesn't understand.
        ==> So there's a bug in Ultrix.

It turns that Sun changed something (Martyn Johnson)

:: The problem was provoked by Sun reading directories with a non-standard
:: blocksize. This is unusual, but perfectly legal. There is a fix for
:: Ultrix.

So if you have the problem, just ask DEC to send you the fix.
It did it and I'll receive the patch in a few days.

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