SUMMARY : ie0: ethernet jammed A!G!A!I!N!

Date: Sun Sep 05 1993 - 12:53:11 CDT

Hi, all.

My question was regarding repeated problems I have with one SUN 4/260
giving ie0: Ethernet jammed messages and dropping off the network while
the rest of the network continues chugging along fine. (I'm sorry, but for
long, convoluted reasons involving money, disk space charges, access time
charges, etc. I don't have a copy of my original post at hand to include
in this summary.) In the original post I summarised my attempts at
finding the problem, including :
        a) Swapping out all T's
        b) Swapping out the terminators
        c) Replacing what cabling I could
        d) Checking all cables, terminators, etc with both an ohmmeter
and an impedance bridge

The responses I got were :

Tony.Tram@EBay.Sun.COM sent along a concatenated list of man page ie and le
error messages. I'd seen most of these during troubleshooting, but there were 1
or 2 I'd not seen before. suggested reconfiguring the ethernet chip when the problem
occurs using ifconfig and route. No luck - i've even gone so far as to power
the system down to no avail. suggested that maybe a segment of video cable got
put in the line. No luck - the impedance bridge showed a match on all cables. suggested corroded terminators, but I've replaced them with
brand new ones (tested on a network analyzer to see their high-frequency
characteristics) again to no avail. suggested network loading problems, but the net
is rarely used for more than rcp, rsh and telnet, and 'traffic' showed a
very under-utilized net. He also pointed out that thinwire backbones should
only be grounded in one place to avoid noise. no luck there either....

Thanks to everyone else who sent a response, even if just asking me to post
a summary. If I ever solve this one, I'll let you know. (Of course, the
problem has disappeared again. All has been working for 3 days. And there
have been no changes in the weather, power spikes (we're currently having
our power monitored), or anything else I can conceive of as being a potential
problem) I guess I'll just send my system off to join kerplop the Wonder
Server - they should get along fine. (
That was an inside joke and probably a bad one.


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