Re: SUMMARY:Toasted serial ports on a 3/60

From: Allon Stern (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1993 - 06:46:53 CDT

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> Unsoldering the soldered chips was not a trivial task, by the way, and
> if you are not handy with a soldering iron, I would strongly suggest
> you ask someone to do it for you. The copper traces in the vicinity of
> the chips are thin and dense. One little slip, and..... Also I highly
> reccomend that you put IC sockets in, so that next time lightning
> strikes, you wont have to spend all afternoon hunched over your
> motherboard with a sodering iron in hand.

I recommend taking a different tack..

You're going to toss the chip anyway, right?

Get out a pair of diagonal cutters (small), and cut the chip away, careful
not to damage the board, leaving its leads on the board. Then you can easily
remove the leads one at a time rather than having to unsolder them all at

Having a Soldapullt (R) is extremely handy. You can buy a radio-shack
version of this looks like a large syringe which is spring
loaded to suck solder up. Much better than those bulb-type things,
and much faster and easier than braid; braid is good for getting up
what little gets left behind.

For those of you not at all familiar with soldering techniques, replacing
serial ports is not recommended :)

> Good Luck!
> Jason Taubman

Happy soldering!

Allon Stern

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