SUMMARY II: snmpd for Solaris 2.2

From: steve@avalon.Dartmouth.EDU
Date: Thu Sep 02 1993 - 11:27:36 CDT

Well, my first SUMMARY generated more responses than the original request,
which was:

> We have a SparcClassic running Solaris 2.2, and we would like to
> monitor the machine using SNMP. So we need to have an SNMP agent
> program for the Classic. Some vendors supply such an agent for their
> systems, but I can find none for Solaris 2.2. Can anyone help?

In my first SUMMARY I said I had not found a public-domain snmpd agent.
The second round of responses provided several leads. I have not yet
pursued any of these, but I will. Thanks to all.

Several people referred me to the CMU SNMP package, which they believe
includes an snmpd. The package is available for ftp from in directory pub/snmp-dist.

Yves Morin <> pointed me to one he says was
written for 4.3BSD but which could be ported. It's on
in /pub/ftp_inc/snmp.

Several people also mentioned 4BSD/ISODE SNMPv2 and an MIT SNMP package.
Archie lists many sources for ISODE. The MIT distribution is available
from at /pub/snmp.

Several people suggested comp.protocols.snmp and its FAQ as good sources
for information. The FAQ lists a number of other sources.

Mark Richmond,, pointed me to noctools. He writes:

  Noctools is a catalog of network management tools (both public domain
  and vendor). The catalog is maintained online and is available via ftp
  or the newsgroups mentioned below. They have a revolving post program
  that posts the catalog entries to the newsgroup comp.dcom.noctools.
  You can also pick it up via ftp.

The ftp source is
        Username: anonymous
        Password: <your e-mail address>
        Directory: /doc/noctools

and the newsgroups are:
                .announce Information & Announcements
                .submissions submission of new/updated entries
                .catalog posting of processed catalog entries
                .wanted requests for tools and information
                .d discussion about catalog entries

Thanks again to all responders.

                                                Steve Campbell
                                                Dartmouth College

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