SUMMARY: NFS Mounting SUN disk on AIX box

From: Brian Taylor (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1993 - 09:00:52 CDT

Some time ago, I queried:
> A client of ours has demanded that we provide a system to them running under
> AIX on an RS/6000. We have no inhouse experience with this platform. The
> loaner we got from IBM has little if any disk space available, but we can
> mount the disks attached to a Sparc 2 (running SunOS 4.1.1B) on the AIX to
> get needed diskspace.
> My question is regarding mounting the Sun disk read-write on the AIX system.
> I have heard various things about AIX causing the sun to crash(?) if the disks
> are mounted in this fashion if the AIX machine crashes; also, I'm not
> familiar enough with AIX to say if there are any "gotchas" mouting a disk in
> this fashion on AIX.
> Thanks for any and all advice!

True to the excellent responses this list usually generates, I found out that
AIX version 3.2.3 has no problems with having Sun disks mounted on the AIX
system. The only concerns I heard were for older versions of AIX which were
apparently much less stable/compliant than the current release, particularly
versions 3.1 and earlier.

Thanks to (in the order the reply was received): (Barry Shein)
peb@sandoz (Paul Begley) (Martha Jones) (Roman Thelen ABB Informatik GmbH)
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ilbeig@math.UH.EDU (Amir Ilbeig)

Sorry for the somewhat tardy reply, but I had to rush a couple of weeks ago so
I could actually TAKE my vacation :-). Also, sorry if I missed anyone, you
were doubtless a victim of my poor electronic filing system...

Thanks again!

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