[SUMMARY] Solaris 2.2 - Few Questions.

From: Subburajan Ponnuswamy (sponnu@eng.wayne.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 23 1993 - 22:49:06 CDT

Thanks for everyone who replied to my original post.

        We have a SPARCserver 630MP, running Solaris 2.2. We're having
the following problems. I'd appreciate any help in solving the
problems (patches etc).

1] "panic: tcp_close_detached - no mblk", and the machine reboots itself.
   This happens very frequently, on the average twice a day. Is it a bug?.
   It's given as a bug in Sun HelpDesk Tools V1.2. But no patches were
This seems to be one of the well known bugs in Solaris 2.2 ...

John.Morrison@Corp.Sun.COM replies...

you will be wanting patches 100999 and 101027

they should correct the problem of the tcp_closed_detached

2] "Text has been lost in a cmdtool transcript because the maximum edit
   log size has been exceeded." This message appears often on the console
   window. I hope this is easy to fix.
Contrary to my expectation many people asked me the solution for this problem..

Joel.Tornatore@Eng.Sun.COM replies...

Put this in your ~/.Xdefaults and either restart your window manager
or run xrdb (use xrdb -m < ~/.Xdefaults)

Text.MaxDocumentSize: 50000

3] "Aug 15 02:11:54 atharvan unix: IP: Hardware address '08:00:20:12:c4:d0'
   trying to be our address!." This message is from the log

So far no replies, to solve this problem.....

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