SUMMARY: 35mm slide generators

From: Robert Freeman (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1993 - 18:38:14 CDT

Sun Managers,
   Here are the comments from fellow managers:

From: (Don Baune 581-6088 MIRL)

We have been using the Polaroid CI-5000 for over a year now and have
been very happy with it. If all you are doing is capturing the screen
in raster files and then wanting to make a slide this will work
great as raster files print very quickly. The cost was about $5,000
from apunix (800) 827-8649 x103 and included their drivers to allow
the slide maker to appear as a postscript printer. They shoud have
a solarix 2.x driver this fall (or so I have been told).
The slide maker connects through the scsi port.


From: David Warren <>

FOCUS graphics makes an excelent file recorder we have one with
a 35mm back and 16mm movie back. They are in california. For info
call Joe Suttner (The tech person we dealt with) at 1-800-288-6226

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From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

Or get a SCSI film recorder - LaserGraphics, Agfa Matrix, and Canon all make varying resolution/price film output devices. I happened to have written drivers for them, and they are the way to go for film...

l & h, kev

Well, thats all the responses I got. I was contacted by APUNIX who apprarently reads this list, and recieved some of helpful information from them. If anyone is interested to find out what our final decision is, let me know.

Robert Freeman Systems Manager Electrical Engineering Caltech

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