SUMMARY: How Much Processor for X-Terminals

From: Dave Cress (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1993 - 14:54:14 CDT

First; Thanks to everyone who responded. To numerous to list.

Now, on to the good stuff. The first thing almost all said was "More Memory".
OK, we'll get 64MB.

Next was, if you do not need access to DOS programs get real X-Terminals.
We will also be doing traing for DOS CADD pacakges, mainly Intergraphs
Microstation PC. While this program is also available for the SPARCstation,
other Intergraph software has not been proted and may not be ported.

For those who said, get good PC's if you really want to do this.
How about 50Mhz 80486DX2, 8MB RAM and 15" Monitor with a Viper VLB video card?
Not all that cheap but 60Million WinMarks should provide good speed.

We have decided to get the SPARCstation 51 as this provides us with easy
expansion to the 512, hopefuly in the near future. Budget permiting. Hmm,
maybe a 514.

One reply said they were currently doing what we are planning. They are having
good luck with only the infrequent PC lockup. That we can deal with.

Thanks again to every one who responded.

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