SUMMARY : Free PC X-Windows software

Date: Mon Aug 23 1993 - 14:52:34 CDT

Hi -

Since there was some question as to the appropriateness of posting this
here (sorry), I'll be as-brief-as-possible :

Question : Free X-Windows software available for PC's?

Answers: The concensus was that there was nothing that runs under DOS, although
there were rumors that something might be available (perhaps a demo) in
the CICA ms-windows archives. Haven't checked yet.

If DOS is not essential, there are three public domain unix-clones
which will run an also free X-Windows port :

        1) Linux - avail at
        2) 386BSD - check with Archie for locations
        3) NETBSD - avail. at

Free x-windows is called xfree86 (clever, huh?)

Also, I was told that a company named Starnet ( has
a product called Micro-X available at a reasonable price for us
 .edu folks.

Thanks for the scores of replies, sorry if the "inappropriateness" of the
post offended, but my PC is my main system/management tool as our systems
(SUN, that is) are often in use 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and telnet
just wont suffice for a lot of what I need to do.


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