SUMMARY 'link down' problems

From: Bill Townsley (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1993 - 18:12:07 CDT

Sun Managers,

The original posting was:

>We have a Sun 4/280 with an ALM-2 board to which a modem is connected.
>Occaisionally in the past, when a problem with tip or uucp has hung the
>port (symptoms such as processes with state 'exiting' that refuse to
>die and messages of 'link down' when trying to connect) we've had to
>re-boot the server to fix it.
>Does anyone know of a way to clear up the port without rebooting?
>The modem *is* connected correctly and has been working up to the point
>when the port hung. Permissions are correct and there are no lock files.

There were 3 responses summarized below:

>I have a 4/380 (that's 3/280 upgraded to a sun4) with an ALM-2 board
also, and have seen the same problem. Sometimes unplugging the cables and
>powercycling the modem help clea the slot. Other times, there is no other
>way than to reboot. If you find anything useful, I'd appreciate a summary.
>Good luck, and Thanks.

I had already tried this approach, but it didn't work.

>If you are running SunOS 4.0.x or SunOS 4.1.x, try entering "gcore PID" or
>"trace PID" where PID is the PID of the process with the exiting status.
>It works for me on a Sun 4/280 running SunOS 4.0.3.

When I tried this, gcore and trace claimed the process id didn't exist.

>Have you installed patch 100513-02 jumbo tty patch?

No, but I plan to.

The temporary solution has been to re-boot afterall. In the near
future we will be installing the 100513-02 jumbo tty patch which
appears as though it will solve this and a handful of related problems
with our tty ports.

Thanks to all who responded:
        jsin@JANET.UCLA.EDU (John Sin)
        vanbc!bchspd!tma (Tom Ma)
and especially (Robert J. Wolf)
who suggested the patch. It's a patch? Ya, a patch.

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