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Date: Mon Aug 16 1993 - 21:10:20 CDT

Thanks to all how responded.

The majority opinion was grepping the /usr/openwin/etc/NeWS/ file.
I know that it is probably safe being owned by root and all but it is editable with the
right permissions so we shyed away from that.

showrev seems to work fine under Solaris 2.X but it only responded with OW for 4.1.3 and
below, thus making it useless.

Checking the rev of the libxview file was good but the winner was Ron Vasey with the
xdpyinfo command. Thanks Ron and everyone else who responded. (Adam Shostack) (Casper Dik) (Dave Murphy) (Ron Vasey) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Mateen Fikree ) (Nora Hermida AD 763-8648)

The original post and responses are included below.

Jerry Springer
Systems Engineer
Hauppauge,NY 11788


 Is there some command that will give the version of openwindows
 that is currently running on a system, short of actually restarting openwin
 and seeing what the banner says.

        You might examine the value of $OPENWINHOME, and compare that
to possible starting directories. I agree, its not a good solution,
but its a possibility. Another might be to do a 'what xinit' and
compare the output. The last thing I can think of on a different
note, is to look for the tt* set of programs. Tooltalk was not part
of OW2, if I remember correctly.

        Sun really should provide a simple command to do this.


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In $OPENWINHOME/etc/NeWS/ the version is defined:

/openwinversion (3) def % OpenWindows version number.


Try pkginfo -x, this will give you a detailed listing of all of the packages currently on your machine.


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I think xdpyinfo provides enough info to get what you want, even if you
have to key in on some magic cookie besides the major release number.
To tell whether a user is running OpenWindows vs. MIT X, I generally use:


        set `xdpyinfo | grep release`
        case $4 in
                2000) v=OW2 ;;
                3000) v=OW3 ;;
                   3) v=DECWin ;;
                   4) v=X11R4 ;;
                   5) v=X11R5 ;;
                   *) echo huh?;;

        ... <now do something -- hope this helps ;^>

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There are a couple of files, etc, that you can grep fo rthis, but the
method I use is to see what the version of the xview libraries is, eg:

SunOS 4.x:

$OPENINHOME/lib/ Openwindows 2.0
$OPENINHOME/lib/ Openwindows 3.0

I don't have a solaris 2.x machine handyt to check what they are on it,
but it should be different. The version of OW bundled with each release is:

Solaris 2.0 OW 3.0.1
Solaris 2.1 OW 3.1
Soalris 2.2 OW 3.2

Hope this helps.


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++++++++++++++ Hi Jerry: I mentioned this to Joe on Friday morning, so I am not sure whether you already got this information or not. But the file: /usr/openwin/etc/NeWS/ contains the information that is displayed in the banner. The first line or so, after all the comments has where it defines the version number of OpenWindows. It is a text file that can be readable. The command /usr/etc/showrev with the -a option only provides the information that it is OW, and nothing about the version number, which the man pages seem to imply that it should show. Hope this helps.

-- Mateen Fikree.

++++++++++++++ Jerry:

Take a look at the man page for the command "install_openwin" which in turn calls "install_showrev". Then, if you execute this other command "showrev", which tells you a lot of system information, it will also inform you of the OW version you are running.

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