SUMMARY: pcnfsd-PCTCP speed

From: Cengiz Oezcan-Barlach (
Date: Sat Aug 14 1993 - 01:43:29 CDT

The Quastion was:

>Hi managers,
>we have a small cluster of Sun Workstations (4 SS1, 1 ELC) connected
>to our PCs via pcnfsd and PCTCP (on the PC-side). Everything works fine
>except the speed of data transmision from the PCs to the SparcStations: >
>it is about only 1/10 of the speed in the other direction.
>Any suggestions?
>TIA Cengiz.
The almost common answer was:

The NFS speed for writing is much slower, because
all writes have to wait for the disk write to complete.

Try ascync writes to NFS clients. sent me a patch to apply to allow this. suggested to reduce wsize on the PC-site
to 1k. I will try this first.

If anyone wants, I can send him/her all answers.

A question about this: How do you think about enabling async writes?

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