SUMMARY - Changing monitir size on a 4/330

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Date: Fri Aug 13 1993 - 12:56:42 CDT

I wrote:

> I have a SPARCserver 4/330 running SunOS 4.1.3 which had a 19 inch
> colour monitor connected to it. I need to replace it with a
> colour 16 inch monitor that came with a SPARCstation 2.
> As the cabling was identical, I made the swap and everything seemed OK
> until I tried to start OpenWindows (v3.0). The OW screen breaks up,
> and curious wrap-around effects occur, as if the screen was being addressed
> as if it were 19 inch instead of 16 inch.
> Does anyone know how to configure the 4/330 to work with the 16 inch screen?
> Mail to me and I'll summarize.

Thanks to everyone that replied. The most promising idea came from

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from an L1A prompt do a >q 016 default is 0x13
13=1600x1280, 00=1152x900,12=1024x1024, 14=1440x1440.
maybe you need to change this value to do so
from L1A prompt>q 016 (CR) it will show current value just key in 00, or
12, or 13 or 14.This could be related to what type graphic (frame - buffer)
inside your 4/330 if after trying to change video screen size it still
has the same problem.
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This didn't work, however, so I resigned myself to accepting the advice
of, who said:

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Could it be the following (which comes with every colour monitor that I
have received)?:

19" and 16" Color Monitors

This monitor has been designed to function on the systems with which it
is shipped. ....
Desktop ... [and] Deskside systems configured with the GX option
(containing a GX Frame Buffer) manufactured prior to November 1990 are
not intended to support this monitor.

                                        ... Revision A of 5 October 1990

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