SUMMARY: tcopy for remote device

From: Elmar Kurgpold (ekurgpol@Law.USC.EDU)
Date: Fri Aug 13 1993 - 03:02:00 CDT

Original Q:

> I need to make copies of QIC tapes, but the two drives I have are on different
> machines. As far as I know, tcopy will not work in this way. Any suggestions?
> Thanks!

Most people suggested using dd and rsh, and mentioned many different
methods of doing it. Others said to use tcopy with rsh, and sometimes
also with dd. Of course, the normal .rhosts stuff applies, and
substitute your own device names as needed. Also mentioned was tprobe
and tapecv.

Always looking for the quick fix, I took a look at tapecv, thanks to a
tip from the author (my archie client still hasn't responded for
tprobe). There were at least two people who loved tapecv, and now so
do I! You simply type in the input and output devices, using
host:/dev/name for remote devices. I installed it on my workstation,
started it up, was prompted for passwords, and now I am copying from
one remote machine to another-- very cool! I should mention that it
will also copy Sun boot tapes.

Here is the response from David L. Markowitz (

> Yes - use my tapecv program.
> >From the README:
> Tapecv Version 1.0
> tapecv is a tool to copy and verify tapes. It requires two
> tape drives, but no disk space. It can copy between drives
> on one host, or on two different hosts on a network. It handles
> any density, capacity, etc., and requires no knowledge of
> tape format (except when copying from cartridge to mag tape).
> tapecv has special provisions for copying a limited variety
> of bootable or fixed blocksize cartridge tapes to magtape.
> It can also be used to determine a tape's structure by
> copying it to the null device in verbose mode (the verify
> will, of course, fail).
> It should work on any BSD derivative (requires rexec(3) and
> rmt(8)). Any machine without these should punt.
> Tapecv V1.0 is archived at:

Thank you very much for all your prompt responses! (Chris Norman) (Rob Lyle Wizard of Ozje)
raoul@Athena.MIT.EDU (Nico Garcia) (Bob Kryger) (Syed Zaeem Hosain) (Kathryn L. Smith)
Jason.Hargis@PII.COM (Jason Hargis) (Fazeel Mufti 6895)
kmah@DCS-Systems.COM (Kevin Mah) (David L. Markowitz)

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