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Date: Thu Aug 12 1993 - 02:08:36 CDT

 | Good morning Sun Managers.
 | I have just loaded Solaris 2.2 on an LX and a Classic and everything was
 | going great untill I tried to tar a file from another SPARC.
 | The tar command responds with a 'cannot open' message and when trying to
 | mount the a pcfs floppy the system says that the device is already mounted
 | but I can't seem to find what is tieing it up.
 | Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for all your help Sunmanagers.

Here is a summary of responses. They all refference the same new Solaris
feature. I found that leaving "vold" alone and creating a new device that
points to the /dev/rfd0a device worked best for me. "vold" ties up the
/dev/rfd0c mount point. I just use my new device for "tar" because "vold"
works really well for 'automounting' the DOS floppies.


The pcfs file sytsem will be mounted in /floppy/floppy0 with "vold" opperating.


A swell new macintosh feature that mounts your cd and floppy for you (even
when you aren't root!). It's called "vold". you can edit /etc/vold.conf or
just kill vold. Then all will be normal again (to a certain extent).


Check out the section in the one of the release documents regarding
"volume management".


/etc/init.d/volmgt stop
then you can use the floopy with tar... to enable vold:
/etc/init.d/volmgt start


It's because you have the volume manager running. Check out the man
page for vold(1M).
Basically, the volume manager detects when you insert a floppy, and
automagically mounts it as PCFS, if formatted MS-DOS, under /floppy
(the same things happens when a cdrom is inserted, and it is mounted
under /cdrom).

6) from Access Graphics (thanks bill)

SRDB ID : 5624

SYNOPSIS : Unable to mount/use floppies with Solaris 2.2


When running Solaris 2.2 on a Desktop system with 3-1/2" floppy drive a
problem may arise when trying to mount a diskette:

        # mount -F ufs /dev/diskette /mnt
        mount: /dev/diskette is busy or number of allowable mount points

OR possibly:

        # tar tvf /dev/diskette
        tar: cannot open /dev/diskette

This condition is a side-effect of the Volume Management software introduced
with Solaris 2.2. There are two possible workarounds to this condition:

        - disable Volume Management altogether
           # /etc/init.d/volmgt stop

        - Remove the floppy drive from Volume Management's repertoire:
           # vi /etc/vold.conf
           ( comment out the following lines )
           use floppy drive /dev/diskette floppy0
           insert /vol*/dev/fd[0-9]/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount
           eject /vol*/dev/fd[0-9]/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount

          Find the PID for vold, kill and restart it
          # ps -ef | grep vold
          # kill <pid>
          # /usr/sbin/vold

Diskette operations should then operate as expected.

KEYWORDS : mount, diskette, floppy, busy, exceeded
PRODUCT : disk_admin

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