SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 missing object in libtermcap (tparm)

From: Bill Hart (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1993 - 10:30:30 CDT

My original query
> SS 10/30
> Solaris 2.2 (and a lot of frustration).
> Trying to build emacs 19.17 (had to add a -ltermcap to the emacs
> config files) but loader resolves that function tparm is missing,
> used nm to search all library archives without success. tparm is
> advertised as being available in the man pages and answerbook, and
> all the programmer/source code compatibility packages are loaded.
> Any ideas where tparm has gone (or alternative means to get emacs
> to build) and what library it should be a part of ?
The solution was simple and obvious no doubt if you had the time to
read Sun's hefty documentation on porting code....

The function tparm was in the /usr/ccs/lib/libcurses.a library,
when building emacs I should have had LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to
include /usr/ccs/lib and not /usr/ucblib. Emacs 19.18 then built
without any further fiddling and appears to work ok.

So the moral is, on Solaris 2.x, make sure that /usr/ccs/lib is
before /usr/ucb/lib (even better not to have /usr/ucb/lib) in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and in your PATH make sure that /usr/ucb is
after any other directories containing compilers (so that /usr/ucb/cc
isn't used). Also you need to have pkg SUNWarc installed.

Also if you wish to compile emacs with sun's cc rather than gcc, use
setenv CC 'cc -Xs' so that the cpp uses non ansi behaviour, before
running configure (I haven't tried this).

I still think that sun should include rubber dummies of the entire
solaris development team with every copy of the OS, so that we
can relieve our tensions upon them rather than on our fellow work mates...

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