Re: [SUMMARY] Sun's SS-1000 -- experiences

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Date: Wed Aug 11 1993 - 02:56:15 CDT (Thomas A. Goldthorpe) writes:

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}nroff bench deleted for brevity

}The solaris 2.2 nroff is not the same nroff as the solaris 1.1 nroff.
}That is where the time difference lies. To help make the comparision
}more meaningful, you should compile groff and utils on both OS's
}natively, and then try the test again on the csh man page. The nroff
}in 1.1 is a very old one, while the 2.2 one is the current documenters
}workbench one. (provided my bad memory serves me correctly, anyone
}know for sure?)

And the input used in the benchmark isn't the same either.

The Solaris 2.x csh manual page is smaller than the SunOS 4.x man page.


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