SUMMARY Re: Sparc10/512 and Solaris

From: Jon Piesing (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1993 - 13:44:42 CDT

Jon Piesing ( wrote:
: We are looking at upgrading a Sparc 10/41 to a faster machine. The
: favourite is a Sparc 10/512. In theory this requires Solaris 2, is
: this the full and complete truth ? I think I remember a rumour
: that you could run 4.1.3 on such a machine, but Sun would not support
: that configuration and you didn't get the benefit of the kernel
: multi-threading built into Solaris 2.

: My main problem with Solaris 2 is that I don't think there are
: Solaris 2 versions of the packages we run on this machine yet.

: Thanks in advance

: Jon Piesing
: Philips Research Labs, Redhill, UK

Most of the answers I received say that 4.1.3 just works. There were also
a few statements of sympathy about packages not running on Solaris 2.
The count for the various answers I have received is :-

"It works fine" 4
"It boots but crashes sometimes" 1
"Sun say it crashes, we are only running 1 CPU until our software
runs under Solaris 2" 1

Other observations include that on single jobs it runs slower than a 10/51.

Thanks to :-
limes@fusim.Eng.Sun.COM (Greg Limes)

What we intend to do is try it and see if it crashes too much for us. If so
then we will remove one CPU and give our Sparc 10/30 a temporary upgrade
until the packages we need run on Solaris 2.


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