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Sorry for the late summery.
My original question:
> What is AnswerBook?
Reponse :

                               System Software AnswerBook
                           (formerly Docudisc)

               (includes some pricing and configuration changes)


* *
* For the first time, Sun documentation is available when and where you *
* need it, right on your workstation screen! *
* *
* o See Sun's COMPLETE system documentation online just as it *
* looks on paper thanks to open PostScript technology. No more *
* bulky, expensive paper manuals. *
* *
* o Instantly find answers with EASY, POWERFUL SEARCH, TABLES OF *
* *
* o Use System Software AnswerBook on ALL SPARC systems with SunOS *
* 4.1.X and OpenWindows V2 - either from CD-ROM or the NETWORK. *
* *
* o Protect the environment: save time, money and TREES! *
* - Sun contributes $5/unit to Nature Conservancy for 1st 90 *
* days. *
* *


System Software AnswerBook is Sun documentation online, right on your
screen. Now every Sun user can conveniently access more than 16,000
pages of online documentation over the network or from CD-ROM drives.
And the System Software AnswerBook is SO INTUITIVE that everyone will
want to use it!


The System Software AnswerBook includes introductory Sun manuals and
guides to get you started with Sun products quickly. For more advanced
users, it also includes the SunOS Full Manual Set, the complete
OpenWindows End User Manuals, full OpenWindows Developer Set, and all
of the Desktop SPARC Owner's Sets. Nothing is abridged or condensed. In
addition, the System Software AnswerBook includes powerful Viewer and
Navigator applications that work together to deliver unprecedented
power, flexibility, and ease-of-use in online documentation.


With System Software AnswerBook, you can can:

        - SEE a page-for-page FAITHFUL REPLICA of the documentation as
          it appears on paper, FAMILIAR and easy to use.

        - TYPE A QUESTION in your own words and the powerful SEARCHING
          CAPABILITY HOMES IN on the most relevant documentation.

        - FIND JUST THE RIGHT BOOK with the familiar tables of contents.

        - FOLLOW CROSS-REFERENCES effortlessly with hypertext.

        - SET BOOKMARKS on sections you refer to often and record
          personal comments.

        - PRINT a page or a whole chapter anytime.

        - ACCESS documentation CONVENIENTLY over the network,
          minimizing costs and increasing productivity.


o Any SPARC system from Sun, including all SPARCstations and
  SPARCservers, 4/110, and older servers. Not available for Sun-2,
  Sun-3, or Sun386i.

o 8 Mbytes, 12 Mbytes recommended for optimum performance

o Monochrome or color. GX accelerator improves performance

o Available on CD-ROM only. For installation, requires an accessible
  CD-ROM drive somewhere on the network.

o PostScript printer with Palatino fonts is required for printing (one
  of the standard 35 PostScript fonts commonly available).

o SunOS 4.1.X. Will not run under SunOS 4.0.X, or any earlier versions
  of SunOS.

o OpenWindows V2.
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