SUMMARY-Dump Scripts

From: Will Heres (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1993 - 09:26:02 CDT

In a previous posting I had asked for some ideas as to how to do an automated
file system backup by writing a script and changing the rc.local file.

Most replies I received (and thanks to all who did) wondered why I just didn't
do a dump at some odd hour (like 3AM) when most people weren't using the system.
Nobody had any problems doing this. All you needed was to put some small dump
scripts in cron and let it ride, without going through the trouble of playing
with rc.local and booting everybody off. This, in fact, is what I ended up doing.

There were, of course, people who sent elaborate scripts to fool with rc.local.
I may have still have some lying around if anyone is interested.

Thanks again...
Will Heres

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