SUMMARY: Pixrect in Solaris 2.2.

From: Gregory Gutarts (
Date: Sun Aug 01 1993 - 05:38:45 CDT

        Shalom, Managers !

You are as usual great ! Thanks a lot for your help !

My question was as follows:

> Shalom, Managers !
>I have some very strange porblem while migrating to Solaris 2.2 ( with
>OW 3.1 ). There is a software based on pixrect mechanism to be ported.
>Accordingly to the SUN documentation there should be no problem with
>it, but alas ! Solaris 2.2 equipped with corresponding *.h files, there
>is in the /usr/openwin/lib/server directory, so ld was
>happy enough, but when running the program in the moment of calling
>pr_load() function it gives a message:
> SunView support is not available.
> OpenWindows was started with the -nosunview option.
>Beleive me I've checked everything I can and cannot. There is NO
>-nosunview or anything like this. Sure svenv is used in .xinitrc etc.
>Btw I have also no way to run any other sunview application so may be
>there is some global variable, flag etc ?

So the answer is: YES, SUN AGAIN HAS MADE A MISTAKE !!!

They have thrown away simple and effective mechanism for all that slow
X-tricks and have stopped supporting pixrect from Solaris 2.2 & up.
More than that they have done it in a very "user friendly" manner.
Instead of simply not giving me libraries, .h files etc. to make one
stupid enough like myself understand that something have disappeared
they have given all these things in some very strange dummy form, e.g.
svenv command could be run but does nothing and the libpixrect library
is nice to make ld happy but when your program should execute
some pixrect function it gives you those VERY informative messages
mentionned above. So you start searching something in Openwin,
environment etc and then there is no other way as to turn to SUN

A lot of thanks to:

My special thanks to SUN.

        Shalom, Gregory.

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