Re: Adding SIMMs to SS1 - Summary

From: Dave Gregorich (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1993 - 19:49:30 CDT

In article <>, (Andrew McGregor) writes:
|> In article, (Tom Linsley) writes:
|> >Thanks to the helpful netters who responded to my posting about
|> >adding memory to an SS1. A couple of other netters asked me to
|> >post a summary, since they were also interested in adding RAM to
|> >their Sparcs.
|> >
|> >One respondent wondered whether 28MB would be a valid memory
|> >configuration, but another was successful in upgrading to this
|> >memory size. (That's encouraging, Ken!)
|> There is a problem with 28Mb, though. It produces a very slow machine,
|> much slower than 24Mb. We found it much better to leave out the last
|> 4Mb.

I vaguely remember some discussion about this problem years back. Was
it a problem with the Sparc 1 MMU or with SunOS 4.0.3? Was it fixed
on the Sparc 1+ or with later SunOS upgrades?

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