SUMMARY: Classing Engine

From: Bill Lenherr (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1993 - 02:03:18 CDT

This is only a partial summary. I only got a few responses and have not
resolved my problems (unusual!). I have been unable to get ce_db_build
to compile a database, even one that I created by using ce_db_build -to_ascii.
Are there any classing engine patches for Solaris 2.2 yet ? I will leave this
posting open for further responses.

Original questions:
> Now that the binder seems to be stable in Openwin 3.2 I would like to
> create a master cetables file.
> 1 - Has anyone got one out there ?
> 2 - Does anyone know the magic number for a Unix WordPerfect document ?
Everyone responded saying that the first three characters of any WP
document (any version/any platform) are 'WPC' but I could not get this
binding to work ! If someone has a cetables file that is currently working
with WordPerfect for Unix please forward it.
> 3 - Does anyone know if files from Windows applications like Microsoft
        Word and Project have magic numbers or if they can only be
        identified by their extension ? This will become more relevant
        after the release of WABI
No responses......
> 4 - Is there anyway to set up a different print method for different
> printers. An example is printing mail a mail message : When I
> print to a postscript printer I want to pipe it through mp but
> if it is going to a line printer I do not.

Write a script that knows how to do this and use it as the print method.

> 5 - Can cetables be added to the NIS or NIS+ maps ?

There are only 3 places the classing engine looks for data:

        "user" - ~/.cetables/cetables
        "system" - /etc/cetables/cetables
        "network" - $OPENWINHOME/lib/cetables/cetables

> 6 - Can comment lines be put in the ascii file you can create with
> ce_db_merge ? I figured an ascii format would be the best way
> to post a master file.

You can always pick a comment style and preprocess the file before
running ce_db_merge. However, I don't bother doing it.

> 7 - Does anyone have a master set of icons they could send me ? used to have a collection of icons from sun-spots.
However, these are not the 32x32 glyph size used by filemgr.

> 8 - Is there a way to tell what kind of file is inside of a compressed
> file ? I have a CAD product that can read compressed CAD files
> but I want the user to be able to tell what is a compressed CAD
> file and what is not.

You could base it on the suffix (e.g. .cad.Z is a compressed cad file).
I'm not sure you can guarrantee that the initial compress bytes will
always be the same, but you could experiment (i.e. does a compressed
magic number always look the same?).

Thanks to : (Jim Knutson) (Dieter Jablanovsky) (Dr Gareth Barker)

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