SUMMARY: dns / sendmail problem

From: Mark Gastel (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 21:05:29 CDT

Here was my problem:

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Hi Everybody,

To send mail to a host in my domain I had to add the following line to
my dns set up:

        * IN MX 10

The problem is once the record is in place local mail works great and I
can send mail to most other sites. However if I try to send mail to
<some.person> or reply to someone that works at sun I get the
message: "Canada.Sun.COM" host unknown. If I get rid of the wildcard MX
record mail to sun works fine. Is there something I should be tweeking
in /etc/ I would like to keep the MX record in place...


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Thanks to:

Here's some usefull info:

> From Sun Jul 25 16:59:42 1993
> Get this patch:
> 100377-05: SunOS 4.1;4.1.x: doesn't recognize wildcard,

I tried installing this patch and I still couldn't send mail to
I removed the wildcard mx record (which is what just about everybody told me
to do) and mail to worked. And Presto! my problems sending
mail to the ibm host in my domain disappeared!!! I no longer need the wildcard
MX record.

In short... if you are having sendmail problems try installing patch


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