SUMMARY: assertion failed (SparcPrinter)

From: Operator (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 17:18:22 CDT


Thank you all for your kind relpies to my question. I apologize for not
including a subject line, or various information about my machine.

My original question was:

> Hi,
> I have been having the following problem. I think it may be connected
> with the fact that I have a SparcPrinter hooked up to this machine. What
> could be the problem? Has anyone ever seen this error before?
> Thanks,
> Michael A. Meystel
> Drexel University
> vmunix: assertion failed: pmg->pmg_keepcnt == 1, file: ../../sun4/vm_hat.c,
> line: 2452
> vmunix: panic: assertion failed
> vmunix: syncing file systems... done
> vmunix: 00000 low-memory static kernel pages
> vmunix: 01038 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
> vmunix: 00000 dynamic kernel data pages
> vmunix: 00146 additional user structure pages
> vmunix: 00000 segmap kernel pages
> vmunix: 00000 segvn kernel pages
> vmunix: 00000 current user process pages
> vmunix: 00051 user stack pages
> vmunix: 01235 total pages (1235 chunks)

I received several responses, and all of them point to two facts:

This problem is fixed by patch 100273-01 or by upgrading from SunOS 4.1.1
(which is indeed what I am running). It seems to be fixed in 4.1.2 and 4.1.3.

Here is a piece of one esteemed colleague's explanation of this problem
(thanks to Aydin Edguer <edguer@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu>:

 - > long explanation: under certain high loads, the MMU sometimes
 - > gets inconsistent with the software page tables. there's probably
 - > some race condition in the hardware address translation (hat)
 - > code that causes this and some other VM-related panics.

Thanks again for your patience and help.


Michael A. Meystel
Systems & Network Administration
IMPAQT Center, College of Engineering
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA USA
+ 1 215 895 5807 /

P.S. Several people replied complaining that they would never buy another
SparcPrinter because they ran into this problem. But I am unsure that this
is SparcPrinter it? Has anyone ever connected anything other
than a Sun SparcPrinter and received the same error (for instance, an HP
LaserJet series printer...)?

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